More Deep Fried Chicken, this time in Burger Form


Erichetti Place

Who would of thought strings of flags would make a place look so inviting. Sandwiched between Aberdeen St and Newcastle St is the lane way Erichetti Place. Inside is a quaint coffee shop (Flora & Fauna) serving healthy bagels and salads, whilst juxtaposed next door is the American themed Varsity Burgers. I contemplated being healthy for about 0.001 seconds before I was aroused by the menu at Varsity burgers.

I usually like to try the standard cheese burger when I go to a burger joint but I saw buttermilk fried chicken on the menu and my neural pathways that link fried chicken and BLISS were working in over drive. I can’t seem to escape fresh cooked chips and garlic aioli either.


DA SOUL – Buttermilk Fried Chicken, Cheese, Tomato, Boston Lettuce, Varsity Mayo $14. Chips and aioli $5.50.

The burger arrived and it looked amazing. The chicken was moist and well coated in that butter milk dredge. But I shall be honest the flavour of the chicken didn’t hit me in the face like I had hoped and the chicken could been pumped with a little more seasoning. The soft bun unfortunately countered the crisp chicken coating which made me consider the sin of using lettuce as bread the “carb free option”, as being viable.

The thinly spread varsity mayo had unfortunately alluded me until I was half way through the burger as it all was between the lettuce and top bun and not on the chicken paddy itself. This is a messy burger and a simple slash through the middle would have made the burger more manageable or maybe I just need to work on my burger eating dynamics.

Final point, if you have any thought of doing physical activity after eating this, I say to you good luck! As this burger takes a long time to digest, as I found out trying to play basketball an hour later. I thought a caffeine hit would have helped me digest quicker but it was futile. The long black from Flora & Fauna however, was full-flavoured with hints of citrus flavours encapsulated in one of the most artistically stunning take away cups I have seen.


Long Black ~ $3.50

Varsity Burgers on Urbanspoon


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