Fried Chicken and Fluffy Pancakes with Maple Syrup? Don’t think I could ask for much more

Mary Street Bakery. Fried Chicken and Pancakes. Thats all my colleague had to say and I knew I was going to have this dish. The flavour combinations in this dish are to die for. The juicy thigh chicken had a soy marinade that gave it an asian flair. The crisp crunchy batter had been cooked to perfection delivering the required crackle that sends shivers down my spine. As I dipped the chicken into the maple syrup I felt like I was committing a sin. A sin to the God of Health and Unobstructed Arteries. However it was well worth it, but wait it gets better. The pancake was so damn fluffy I felt like I was eating clouds. Not ordinary clouds however. CAKE CLOUDS. It could be argued that these pancakes are too sweet but these arguments come from people who are weak and can’t handle the INTENSITY. To top it all off incase your taste buds weren’t having enough of a party, a gooey half cooked fried egg and a peanut crumble are thrown on top. Finally a few sprigs of coriander to make you feel like you haven’t just put your name of the waiting list for a triple bypass surgery.


Fried Chicken and Fluffy Pancakes!!

Fried Chicken and Fluffy Pancakes – $22

Mary Street Bakery on Urbanspoon


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