Tasik Indonesian Resteraunt

Had a catch up dinner with my environmental engineering friends with most of us living the working life now. As you can see environmental engineering is probably the only class of engineering with a  female to male ratio greater than one. We decided to eat at Tasik so we could use our entertainment vouchers.


The fact we weren’t overly familiar with Indonesian food plus the absence of our Indonesian friends made ordering a slight struggle.

UDANG PANIR - Deep friend breadcrumbed prawns

UDANG PANIR – Deep friend bread crumbed prawns – $7

My favourite dish of the night was the deep fried prawns. The flavourful prawns tasted fresh and had an extremely crispy coating. Pretty good value for money at $1.40 a piece.


Ayam Gulai – Chicken Curry – $14

This chicken curry was really tasty with that depth of flavour good curries have. It is tasted similar to a Malaysian curry with sauce not as thick as an Indian curry.


BAKMI GORENG SEAFOOD – Fried egg noodles with mixed seafood and vegetables – $15

The egg noodles were flavourful and saucy. I apologise for the under exposed (dark) photos as I am still a noob photographer.


GADO GADO – Indonesian steamed vegetables served with a peanut sauce – $12

The Gado Gado was an interesting choice being a traditional Indonesian dish.  I am a big fan of eggplant and its texture complimented well as it absorbed the flavour of the satay sauce.


UDANG KECAP – Prawn cooked with onion, capsicum, ginger and soya sauce – $18

The prawns were well cooked and juicy. The sauce matched the prawns well with asian flavours.


TAHU CHA – Tofu cooked with capsicum, tomato and beansprout – $12

I didn’t have a chance to try the tofu but I heard no complaints from my vegetarian friends.

Overall Tasik is a great Indonesian restaurant and is a good choice if your looking for something different. The restaurant has a family feel to it with pictures of the owners family on some of the walls and the layout of the restaurant having a homely feel. We were only allowed to use one of the entertainment vouchers despite there being seven of us present, however the bill ended up being very cheap with all of us being presently suprised.

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